Offshore Services

Offshore Services


Engineering and operations document

review and approval

Our global teams of specialist engineers, mariners

and naval architects work with customers to review

documents related to a wide range of temporary

phase marine operations and land transportation.

These include:

 ■ Location survey analysis review and approval for

a range of cases including jack-up rig moves and


 ■ Load-out analysis review and approval for lifting,

skidding and roll-on/off procedures

 ■ Transportation analysis review and approval,

including sea-fastening, stability, motion response

and structural strength

 ■ Installation analysis review and approval for

procedures such as lifting, up-ending, pile

drivability mooring and float-overs

 ■ Pipe lay document analysis and procedure review.

On-site surveillance

We attend the world’s most complex marine

operations, providing independent oversight on

behalf of operators, vessel owners and underwriters.

Our services include:


 ■ Condition and suitability surveys for a wide range

of vessels, including barges, construction vessels

and transportation vessels.

 ■ Load-out attendance (floating, lifted, skidded or

trailered), including equipment, rigging and

procedural verification

 ■ Towage surveys, including vessel audits, tow gear

inspections and route planning reviews

 ■ Transportation surveys, including the verification

of sea fastening completion, tow approvals,

acceptable weather criteria approvals and

personnel reviews

 ■ Installation attendance, including the verification of

launches, up-end and set down processes, piling,

float-overs, lifting and setting, heavy lifts

and pipe lay

 ■ Rig move marine warranty surveys/tow master.

■ Subsea structures Installation operations.

■ High value, Project Critical or Long lead

■ Item Cargo Shipments on general cargo

■ MODU & JACK UP rig move, docking and classification surveys

■ Yards surveys

■ Perfuming welder test in accordance with related standards

■ Supervising of non-destructive testing

■ Welding visual inspection

■ Performing material inspection and traceability

■ Supervising of hydro test of piping & PWHT

■ Dimensional control of structure

■ Supervising of material storage