ACS offers a wide range of training courses in maritime and industrial fields which are based on technical expertise, obtained through more than 10 years of testing, inspection and classification experience. We are proud to share knowledge with our clients and our mission is delivering training courses that could educate participants to build the most efficient marine and non-marine industry and to have the most updated understanding of international/national standards and maritime codes, building a barrier to risks by providing participants with advices for improving safety.

We are firmly convinced that developing skills is a strategic priority: not-knowing is risky and, on the long run, more expensive than a relevant and effective training.

ACS Training center is committed to being pioneer in upgrading the potency of knowledge, practice and qualification level of the society. Such commitment is fulfilled by providing courses that consider technical and professional needs of surveyors and other experts.

ACS Training Center offers a series of specialized training courses, delivered by experienced presenters who bring to the classroom and invaluable blend of theoretical knowledge and practical understanding both in internal and external fields to help corporations meet their goals and objectives.

Some of the courses held cover following subjects:

  • Marine survey
  • Lifting and port facilities safety and inspection
  • FRP vessels new construction survey
  • Machinery survey
  • Safety and firefighting equipment survey
  • Radio and Navigational equipment survey
  • Maritime Labor Convention (MLC 2006)
  • Crane technical survey
  • Auditor training course based on International Safety Management (ISM)
  • Principals of INCOTERMS 2010 training
  • International transportation training
  • Terminals management training
  •  Contractors evaluation training

Research Center

The main objective of ACS Research Center is to develop the rules and procedures within the field of activities that are believed to be of particular significance for its own development and business activities. ACS Research Center is currently focused on following three major programs:

  • Develop and update the Rules for building and classification vessels
  • Updating current procedures for building and casing vessels
  • Review all resolutions, circulars, codes and any other documents from IMO and PMO and set required guidelines to the respective departments of ACS.

Our solutions:

  • Adaptation of marine rules and regulations
  • Research based analysis and inspection services
  • Development based analysis of introduced projects
  • Training services for technical staff