• A Brief History of ACS

    Classification society in Asia in 1384 and has empirical support 30 years of its founders (IGS and IBS) as a set unit was established and now with more than 90 employees, specialists in naval architects, mechanical, industrial engineering, ship and 9 branch in the main ports of the country, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait is active. The institute par with other international institutions, inspection and classification of IACS has been approved by the PMO and the necessary permits for activities on behalf of that organization shall issue their vessels and related industries. Classification society and certification ISO 9001-2008 Asia after the establishment of Quality Management in the Development Plan to increase its share in the industrial sector with the establishment and certification ISO / IEC17020 ability to carry out industrial inspections, conformity assessment and inspection in accordance with the latest standards it also has become increasingly international. Classification Asian Institute of liability insurance coverage in the amount of one million euros for each of the inspection services provided benefit.

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